Siberia: Joining the Dots

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Siberia: Joining the Dots

In the formal lexicon Siberia: Joining the Dots is a media project, as for the humans' point of view, it is an adventure. We love Siberia and our small team have been traveling through it for already two years. We have visited the Sayan Mountains, Altai and the caves of Khakassiya, we studied how the brown bears live in the reserve Stolby and the life of the rare antelopes dzeren in the steppes of Dauria. We fitted out an expedition to the desert Charskie Peski. We saw the ruins of the soviet BorLAG in the mountain range Kodar and went to the taiga region Tofalaria. We reached Evenkiya and looked in the very end of the world – the Arctic settlement Dikson. All the time we have been telling our stories about the places and people so that our native land stopped being terra incognita.

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